How to Choosing Saltwater Aquarium Filter

Having a saltwater aquarium translates not only to enjoyment, but to a responsibility as well. If you want to keep on having good times while watching the water creatures sprawling, crawling or swimming in that tank, you need to make sure to have the aquarium kept clean all the time. Having even a small tank cleaned regularly can be quite a challenge, though. But if you have the best saltwater aquarium filter, it will be a lot easier to accomplish. 

Replacing the water in the tank is not the only thing that will help ensure that the fishes and other creatures in your aquarium will be happy swimming inside that tank. Dirty aquarium water can easily make your fish get sick and even die. Fortunately, you can have one of the best saltwater aquarium filters set up in or for your aquarium to help keep the water in that tank clean

Saltwater Aquarium Filter

Looking for the most appropriate filter for your tank will not be an easy task, however. As there are many options to choose from, you will need to make sure to consider factors such as the size of the aquarium, the water flow, as well as types of fish you have in your tank. Note that freshwater fish have different requirements compared to saltwater and marine animals. Poor water quality may just be as dangerous to your saltwater fish as the kind of habitat that you have prepared for it to occupy. This means that if ever you would want to care for these animals, you will need to make sure that you will be able to provide not only the right food and tank, but also the most appropriate life-giving water that they need. 

Types of Aquarium Water Filter

There are also a variety of types when it comes to water filters for a fish tank. If you are just starting out with this kind of hobby, you may find it a bit of a challenge to find just the right filter for your aquarium. One of the concerns that you have is the cost of the filter. You may opt to go with the cheaper brand. However, that may not be the best option to take since you cannot be certain of the quality of filtering that such an option will provide. Keep in mind that there are marine animals that may be quite sensitive to the quality of water in your fish tank and may suffer from it later on.  

Hang On Tank Water Filter. As the name implies, this type of filter is designed to be hung on the back of saltwater tanks. Such a filtration system uses filter pads to remove debris from the water. In most cases, filter media, such as activated carbon, is placed inside the filter pads to help remove more organics from the water. Filters such as this creates lower flow, hence should be used on saltwater aquariums that has no more than 35 gallons of water in volume.

Canister Filtration System. This may be considered one of the most popular types of saltwater aquarium filtration system that may be in use nowadays. This type of filter is basically made with a pressurized canister that causes water to pass through and be cleaned. Such type of filter requires a large surface area and will provide a large volume per hour of flow rates. This type of filter comes in a variety of sizes and can be used on saltwater tanks that carry up to 180 gallons of water. Bigger tanks will need extra units to ensure to provide the necessary filtration.

Sump Type Filtration System. This type of saltwater aquarium filter is usually referred to as the wet dry filter. It is also noted to be the most expensive yet the most advanced type of filtration system that can be used for a saltwater aquarium. This system is designed with a special box that forces the aquarium water down to the filter. The filter looks like another aquarium but comes with a portion intended for biological filtration and chemical filtration. It is also designed with other devices, such as heaters and protein skimmers. 

When this filter is in use, the water is returned by a separate pump back to the aquarium. A sump type of filtration system can be used on any size tank, but is often used for large custom-made saltwater fish tanks.

As mentioned earlier, when looking for the best saltwater aquarium filter, you need to make sure you understand what will best benefit the marine life inside your aquarium. Research for possible options and limit your choices to those that offer the most value for your money and for the fishes in your aquarium.