Back in the 70’s, only 6% of the world’s food fish came from aquaculture. Today, over half of the seafood we eat is

farmed. Aquaculture is currently the fastest growing food production sector, with an average worldwide growth rate of 6% – 8% per year. By 2030, the global population is anticipated to exceed 8 billion, creating significant demand on the world’s oceans for food. Sadly, 70% of the world’s wild fish species have already been declared fully exploited or depleted by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.


While aquaculture reduces the pressure on wild populations, there are environmental and economic concerns.

Aquaculture equipment, including pens and nets, are often treated with toxic antifouling coatings that prove ineffective over the long term. The aquaculture industry is currently seeking effective solutions to improve operational costs and food quality while minimizing impact on the environment.

Luritek’s technologies are proven performers in these demanding applications.